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Your Beach Holiday Essentials

August 9, 2015

We start our summer vacation trip in 1 week! I’m really excited to be planning for this much needed holiday.

On a usual trip, we’ll spend time on the beach, over at the pool and with our families. Now that baby Lara is 2.5 years old, of course we have to plan her everyday activities into the schedule. Luckily for us, she loves the beach, hotels and any vacation in general – almost as if she is the one who books and plans the trips for usJ

Of course, part of the planning process is spent on our outfits and beachwear that needs to be comfy and fuss free. (I’m looking forward to sharing the outfits that I wore during our holiday with you).

Dresses, hats and sandals with a couple of more dress, chic outfits for nighttime partying are on the agenda for me, at least!

The biggest part of my packing and planning goes towards those essentials I’ll need for on the beach. Below is my ‘to go’ list that I can’t live without:

Sunscreen – for the body, face and eyes. I usually use Lancaster SPF 30, I can still get the tan yet with a highly effective SPF, never scrimp on your sunscreen and skin care whilst out in any kind of UV rays!

Waterproof beach bag – This bag is a lifesaver. Get one as big as possible to accommodate as much as possible. It will be thrown everywhere and with kids, heaven knows where else! Don’t be precious about this bag, you can get on trend and seasonal colors cheaply at this time of year, it will get wet and sandy, so need to pay over the odds!

Multi colored flip flops – you can wear them with any beachy outfit you choose, whilst many on trend pairs are super disposable, it’s always an idea to invest in good ones to look after your feet, and avoid breaking or more when you are out and about.

Massive beach towels – The bigger the better, and although most resorts will give you one to use on their premises, you’ll always need another or your own to keep with you in case the towel service isn’t available

Sunglasses – With a good UV reflection! As a mom I try to keep those on my face but that doesn’t always work outJ I don’t need to remind you either that shades hide a multitude of late nights, and are a really cost effective way to update your look season to season, but remember that lens quality is a must when in direct sunlight day to day.

Lip balms – with a good SPF, believe it or not your lips can or will get burned and swollen, it’s painful, believe me, and leads to drying and cracking for weeks afterwards – not a look you want when you return to show off that tan!

Sun blocking beach spray – for your hair! – your hair will get damaged from the salty water and the sun. Keep one near and try to spray it on your hair regularly

Never forget your hat, even though you apply the sunscreen your head can still get burned through your hair, and too much sun on your head can lead to aches and even sunstroke without realizing until it’s too late.

Snacks – for you and your baby! You’ll get peckish out there. Stay healthy and practical with items such as carrots, apples and energy bars (Breakfast buffet bars are perfect for these things, but don’t say I told you so!)

Enjoy! Take your well earned rest and have a blast on vacation with your family this Summer!

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