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Why the Midi Skirt is your best fashion friend.

May 17, 2015
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They were all over the catwalk and now, luckily for us ladies, they are all over the malls too! The ‘Midi’ is the latest skirt shape – and if you find the style that suits you best, it could be the most versatile item you buy this season.

The very ‘ lady like’ Midi skirt can fall below the knee, or on it, printed, pleated or color block – there are a lot of styles to choose from. Depending on your body shape and height, some may be more flattering than others.

Maybe you’ve already tried the Midi on in a few stores? You’ve put it back on the rail after deciding it just doesn’t suit?

Go right back, armed with my advice and try again – I promise that when you get it right, it could be the easiest item in your wardrobe to adapt, accessorize and take you from day to night.


If you are on the taller side, the great news is that most Midi lengths and styles will suit you.

For shorter girls, or even those of us with shorter legs, it’s important to stick to a skirt that stops either on, or slightly above the knee – showing off as much of your pins as possible creating the impression of height.

*Look at the length!

The vital part – where just a few millimeters can make a difference.

Basically, the rule is that the skirt should end where your legs begin to thin out. If a hem ends on a thicker area of your legs, it’s never going to be the most flattering for you. And can leave you looking ‘ fuller’ all over.

Don’t forget though, that hem lines can easily be altered, so don’t be shy to take a favorite skirt, pattern or print to a local seamstress to make the most of your assets!

*What to wear?

As a general rule, wearing anything on your bottom half that is fuller, should lead naturally to a fitted top half – a simple, plain colored tank is perfect, and accentuates your on trend skirt. Don’t forget that the ‘matchy’ trend is also en vogue, so look out for patterned ‘sets’ in the stores too and don’t be afraid to wear that skirt and top together!

Any jackets should stay waist length or ideally higher – denim jackets are ideal for the warmer months or cropped blazers. Avoid anything fuller or ‘ boxy’ as it won’t balance out the skirt, and again not be the most flattering to your shape balance.

Shoes – natural or ‘nude’ heels always help make legs look longer so you really can’t go wrong. Depending on how formal or dressy the Midi skirt or occasion, the great news is that most shoe styles suit. Wedges look great with pastel colors and that denim jacket for a casual look. Ballet flats complement longer skirt styles perfectly if you don’t need the height, kitten if a heel is a must, and of course a stiletto will always look great with a skirt.

Have fun trying on all the cute styles out there, the Midi is one skirt that’s here to stay – take my advice and you’ll be rocking fashions favourite look this season, whatever the length!

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