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What to Wear When You Have Nothing to Wear

January 21, 2016
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I am sure that it in every girl’s life comes a time (or multiple) where they stare blankly at their wardrobe full of clothes and sighs to herself saying, “I have absolutely nothing to wear, what am I going to do?” This is truly a miserable paradox that, as the better half of the human species, we know way too well.

The second piece to this equation is the never-ending frustration of thinking you have absolutely nothing to wear when we all know that it is certainly untrue. In fact, your closet is basically overflowing with items and the outfit options you have are full to the brim, however, at that particular moment in time, for some reason, you just can’t see them.

This is where we come in to save the day. In order to aid you in your quest to finding a brilliant outfit for those moments in your life when you feel like you don’t have a thing to wear, here are a few great go-to outfits that aren’t just comfy, easy and flattering for all body types, but most of these outfits probably already exist in your closet!

Refer to the 1st picture- Okay, these stylish pieces are a fashion must – especially for wardrobe emergencies. Remember the gorgeous, preppy yellow plaid matching blazer and skirt Cher Horowitz sported in Clueless? This just goes to show that matching sets are really brilliant for those “I don’t have anything to wear” moments as they don’t really need you to think deep and since they are absolutely timeless, you won’t ever have to worry whether or not they are on trend. – 

Refer to the 2nd picture – This chic little combo is perfect for a whole series of situations. Regardless of whether you are heading off for your early morning business meeting or meeting your dinner date, this classic outfit will surely have you oozing some serious style and grace without the slightest bit of effort. Not to mention, while pencil skirts might be considered more on the ‘formal’ end of the spectrum, you can easily dress it up or down with the help of some stylish accessories and footwear –

Refer to the 3rd picture – The brilliance of the throw on dress comes with the amazing fact that it is seriously one of the simplest outfits ever to prepare. Being one of the unique fashion must-haves, this chic piece is one where you can actually just throw it on and be on the go regardless of the occasion. Simply match it with some accessories of your choice, throw on your favorite coat and you’re prepped, polished and ready to go. –


Refer to the 4th picture- Yes! This is definitely the ultimate chic without effort “I don’t have a thing to wear” ensemble. Obviously, this forever stylish combo is strictly for more casual functions, however even if you are going out to hang with some friends for some coffee or driving around to complete some errands, this timeless pair is easy to prepare. Simply throw on your favorite jacket, a pair of chic flats, your go-to handbag and you’re sure to look absolutely stylish –



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