What to wear when going to a Brunch!

March 20, 2016
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What could be more heartwarming than seeing a lovely stack of piping hot pancakes with a drizzle of maple syrup? Seriously, I’m pretty sure that something absolutely dreamy occurs during the weekends between the sunrise and early afternoon. What’s this phenomenon you might ask; well, it’s called brunch and we are probably more than well versed with it.

This week, I had the pleasure of being invited to experience the warmth and glow of the sun at Sun& Dubai at the Palms. I absolutely loved the delicious gourmet food and the vibes given by this place. However, I also realized that while you might already have a killer list of go-to places under lock and key, regardless of whether you are on a brunch date armed with waffles or simply meeting up with your best girls over some tantalizing eggs benedicts, trying to decide what you should wear is something that trips even the best of us up.

After all, one of the greatest aspects of every girl’s most beloved weekend pastime is the simple fact that a stellar ensemble is always part of the equation. However, just to help you out a little bit, lean on us for we have got everything all sussed out for you with some amazing tips that will surely leave you focusing on the magic of the food rather than having to deal with the stress of trying to find the perfect dress. Read on!

The Rule of Casual Chic

This probably goes without saying, but brunch essentially means casual chic. It is not casual enough to be breakfast, but not formal enough to be lunch, so it is a good idea to simply dress stylishly, but remember to not overdo it. Because brunch is a daytime affair, it is a smart idea to keep your ensemble light and stay right away from sporting any extensive makeup, crazy jewels or extremely formal hues. Our tip? Opt for pastels, neutrals and anything else light as far as your ensemble is concerned.

Remove the Sky High Heels

Similarly to the rule mentioned above, the logic behind this is quite simple: this is a casual daytime affair, so the chances are, you will probably be moving about a lot while chatting with your friends (or date!). Ditch the heels honey and opt for stylish sandals, ballet flats or moccasins for that chic approach to a casual event.

The Deal With Hair

When it comes to trying to deal with your hair, just keep in mind the atmosphere of the event. Don’t go for an extensive fully blown out hairdo with gorgeous retro waves that looks good enough to be shown on the red carpet. Brunch is supposed to be a simple affair, so why don’t you try to simply tie it up into a cute messy bun or perhaps even just your everyday (yet highly stylish) ponytail? Still want to amp up your look? Well, there are so many varieties of extremely fun and flirty hair accessories in stores these days.


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