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Transitioning From Day to Night Outfits

July 5, 2016
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Each and every one of us can relate to the everyday busy girl. From having to dash around from place to place, running a new errand almost every by the hour and barely having enough time to complete the current tasks at hand. So regardless of whether you are a workingwoman, a mom with all her hands tied or a full time domestic goddess, there is absolutely no doubt that between your work, your daily needs of everyday errands, socializing and family time, your hectic full time schedule ensures that you will rarely every have the time to whizz back home and get changed into a different outfit appropriate for your next task.

It is therefore in this case, the most important thing to make sure that you have some stylish yet highly versatile fashion essentials to help make that transition from day to night that much simpler. The Golden Rule: Always try to opt for an ensemble that will work wonders for you just as well at a trendy bar for cocktails and dancing as it would at professional daytime lunch meeting. If you simply keep this rule in mind, no matter the hour or the time of day, you’ll be sure to be the ultimate style star.


Rocking the fashion scene and taking it by storm, jumpsuits are fast becoming one of the easiest yet trendiest pieces a girl could possibly have in her wardrobe. For work, you can simply match it with a simple blazer and some neutral shoes and you are good to go. No fuss, no hassle needed! As for a fun night out, regardless of whether it is a date with your girlfriends or your sweetheart, you can simply opt for a bold accessory and some killer red lipstick to amp up your look into something extremely sophisticated yet flirty.

Printed Pants

Printed jeans are definitely considered a girl’s BFF when it comes to trendy yet sophisticated work wear. You have the luxury of choosing how big, small, bold or delicate the prints you sport will be, thus giving you the lovely advantage of picking outfits that can really help to flatter your body shape the right way. In addition, this is a piece that you can easily reuse over and over. Simply pair it with a classic white button down for that fast, yet highly chic look. When the sun goes down, no fear! For a social event, just exchange that classic white shirt for a sassy cold shoulder or off the shoulder top and add some stunning high heels to change the whole look!

Little Black Dress

Come one girl! Who on earth doesn’t have a classic LBD hanging somewhere in her wardrobe? I can almost say with 100% certainty that every single one of us do. It doesn’t matter the shape or the fabric, simply pull your hair back into a slick wee pony, add some flats, a simple purse and perhaps a chic pair of sunnies for that ultimate professional feminine look. Then when you clock off work and want to have a fun night out, simply put on some stylish belts, remove your sunnies and draw one wicked cat eye, put on some bright lipstick and some stunning shoes for the perfect out-on-the-prowl ensemble.

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