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The Ultimate secrets to looking chic all the time!

January 26, 2016
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Flipping through the latest issues of Vogue or keeping up to date with the latest designer trends might make you believe that in order to look like a model or dress like a socialite, you will have to be like them and spend thousands of dollars on shoes, clothes and accessories. However, in reality, that is simply not true. To be honest, the best way to make your outfits look more luxe, especially if they aren’t, is to know how to work with the items that you already own and then carefully investing your hard earned cash into some top quality, versatile and highly essential basics. All in all, the main point is that you definitely do not need to own that $1500 Prada handbag, that $1000 Burberry coat or even that $2500 Tiffany and Co. necklace in order to look expensive! So whether it is learning what to invest your money in, how to get your current clothes looking nice and dapper or what kind of makeup you should embrace, here are a ton of helpful tips and tricks that will surely make you give off that highly effortless yet chic and expensive look.

Invest in a Structured Bag


You do not have to buy an endless amount of expensive designer bags to fill your shelves and they certainly do not have to always be bought when they are ‘in-season’. The main idea is to invest in a few versatile, high quality bags that will amp up your outfit’s ‘it’ factor, by adding a little bit of timeless elegance to the look.

The Classic Little Black Dress

This is one of the rare pieces that is so classically chic, that it is extremely unlikely that it will ever go out of style. Beautiful, flattering and elegant, it is extremely versatile. From being dressed up for a date night with some sassy heels and a pair of pearl earrings to styling it down for a day out with some girl friends with your favorite scarf and comfy flats, the LBD is bound to make you look like a million bucks wherever you go and whatever you do.

Silhouette Attention

There is no doubt that every woman out there is absolutely beautiful and every figure has to be taken into account in order to truly emphasize their silhouette in a positive light. From the cut of a pant leg to the fit of a blazer, these are definitely some of the most common details that gets overlooked but can seriously make a massive difference as to whether you end up looking cheap or chic. It doesn’t matter how expensive the outfit is, if it is tailored nicely to your shape, then it won’t flatter you and if it doesn’t flatter you, you’ll definitely not look expensive.

The Luscious Red Lippie


When you are told to think old Hollywood glamor, there is no doubt that a picture of one of the timeless stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly will come to mind. And though their own personal styles vary from person to person, at least one thing remains the same amongst them – their love of a classic red lip. It is amazing what a simple swipe of a red lippie can do to your entire look. Sexy and bold, it will definitely help boost up your confidence and make your whole appearance that much more expensive, so be sure not to leave the house without a gorgeous red lipstick handy in your bag.


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