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The Top Styling Tricks to Look Slimmer, Sexier and Flatter Your Body Type

February 27, 2016
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When it comes to styling, we all seem to have tips and tricks that make us look slimmer. This is why we often share these with our friends, thinking these tips would work for them too. This, however, is our biggest mistake. Everyone has a different body type and things that work for one person might not work for another.

This is not to say that there is a body type that is considered ideal. It is important to know that different clothes are flattering for different body types. It is even more important to know the body type that you are. Once you have knowledge of this, you would be able to look your very best. Here are a few of these tips and tricks that will help you.


The worst mistake curvy women make is to hide their curves. The most flattering clothes for curvy women are those that fit in the right places and showcase their curves. Curvy women should skip baggy clothes and go for clothes that are more formfitting. For example, wearing skirts and dresses that are cut diagonally really helps showcase a woman’s curve. The most flattering outfit would be one that nips in at the waist and hugs the hips. It is also important to remember that an outfit should never be too tight. If you want to go for a revealing look, show skin in the right places. For example, a slit on one side of a dress can be slimming.

Full Figured

For a full figured woman, tailored pieces work best. It is important to keep your outfit simple. Your outfit shouldn’t be overly adorned or have too much going on. Keeping your outfit simple will help you achieve a sleek look and help you appear slimmer. Ruffles, embellishments and big prints add volume and make you look a lot bigger. These should be avoided. Instead, full figured women should wear outfits that define their waist and slim their body.


Women who have a boyish body type should wear clothes that give the illusion of having curves. Outfits that are feminine are ideal for women with boyish figures. Ruffles and ruching, for example, give roundness to your figure and help you achieve a curvier look. Wearing outfits that accentuate your waist and add volume to your lower body also work. Unlike women who have full figured body types, women with a boyish body type can experiment with big prints and adornments.


Women with a petite body type should wear solid colors and opt for a monochrome look. It helps create a clean, elongated look. Petite women can mix different textures and benefit from adding subtle details to their outfits. Also, pairing high heels with outfits helps petite women appear taller. It may seem that petite women can wear almost anything but there are a few things that should be avoided. As women with a petite body type have a small frame, really big prints and too many adornments are things that should be avoided as they detract from their figure.


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