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The Chic Dubaian Way to Style a Simple Sweater

February 1, 2016
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With the cool gust of wind starting to come our way, there is a time where we have to say adios to our favorite tank tops tucked into a pair of ripped denim shorts. However, before you get too sad, remember, with every farewell comes a brand new beginning. There is no way we can knock sweater weather and with the number of brilliant designs out there today, plus the massive variety of accessories on the shelves, the ways to style a sweater for that chic, stylish look has never been easier for any Dubaian.

The Chic Layering Trick

This stylish tip doesn’t just keep you feeling all warm, cozy and fuzzy inside, but it is especially brilliant for those unusually warm fall/winter days when a thick coat would be a little over the top. Simply layer your ensemble by wearing a classic tee underneath your sweater or perhaps going the more preppy way of matching a long sleeved, soft, summery blouse with a sleeveless knit is more your style. By completing the outfit with a pair of chic skinny jeans and a pair of go-to boots will surely lend you a classic sensibility to the entire outfit.

The Ultimate Off-Duty Ensemble

Okay, so while matching a bunch of baggy pieces together might seem like it is out of your reach, but honestly, pairing a loose-fit sweater with a casual skirt offers every girl the chicest on-the-go ensemble. This combo works especially well since all the colors used fall within the same color palette, hence offering you the ultimate opportunity to keep it stylish and cool, yet polished and streamlined.

The Perfect Foolproof Fashionista Choice

There is one color that is absolutely universal regardless of where you are. Can you guess? Yep, it is black. With this amazingly chic, never-out-of-style color, you will never ever have to worry about having to find some killer accessories that will match the color of your sweater, you will also never ever have to worry that your shoes will clash horribly with your skirts and make the worst fashion faux-pas in the history of sweater style. Hence, this ultimate fashion-girl power player is definitely the go-to style for anyone in doubt or for anyone who are simply far too busy to spend hours scouring for an outfit to sport during those colder seasons.

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