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Styling Tips for Plus size Women

September 15, 2015

So, you took my advice, took out the measuring tape and know exactly what your body shape is?

Of course you did!

As a recap, it’s good to identify whether you are a Pear, Apple, Rectangle or Hourglass shape, as well as your vertical lines. Do you have short legs or long legs compared to your upper body or vice versa?

Irrespective of actual clothing sizes, each body shape differs and needs different styling tips and tricks to work best on a plus size figure.

For example, that Kimono that might hide your arms and certain body areas might work for some and might be best avoided for others.

In 2015, you will find that most of the fashion stores carry a line for larger sized women, importantly taking into consideration the different body shapes an various cuts required for a great fit and feel.

The main focus for plus size fashion is to not draw the eye to one particular area of your body. There are lots of options for balancing out your look if you are on the more curvaceous side of fashion and body shape.


  1.   A ‘V’ cut neckline will elongate the neck and the upper body giving a slimmer illusion for the upper body. Even better when accessorized with a longer necklace which will draw the eye down rather than across.
  2. Don’t choose anything too baggy or too tight. Baggy and loose adds more volume and too tight might highlight areas you don’t want to!
  3. Dresses are your best friend, wear maxi dresses or ‘ mid length’ dresses with high elastic belt to define your waist, add chunky costume jewelry and a colorful bag to catch the eye.
  4. Invest in good shapewear, they will be of a great help whenever needed, and leave smooth, confident silhouettes under clothing.
  5. Invest in medium wide belts to be used on the waist, but not too tight or too loose. A defined waist can make you look thinner by 10kg
  6. Aim for wedged heel shoes, this will balance your entire outfit.
  7. Stick to vertical details as it will elongate your body shape
  8. If you would love to wear striped shirts, make sure the stripes are medium to large in size and close to each other.
  9. If you love color block fashion, try to layer it with vests or cardigans to balance it


Remember – just because it’s in fashion, it may not work on you. It’s frustrating to find that certain trends simply don’t work as well on larger ladies, fit wise. This doesn’t mean that you can’t stay stylishly on trend though.


Take an element of that seasons ‘ look’ and work with it, the colors, the fabrics, the shoe style, jewelry and accessories all have no bearing on your body shape, so incorporating something into your look will leave you feeling fashionable and confident in dressing your fuller figure!

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