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September 25, 2015
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September is the month of fashion – the magazines are bursting at the seams with new season advertorials and the ‘FROW’ crowd are out in force across the global fashion weeks to tell us all what we’ll be wearing this time next year.

As an image consultant and stylist, I love the month of keeping up with new collections, trends, and ‘who wore what’, the street style itself is something to behold, but I also see it as a bit of fantasy, something far removed from the day to day realities of helping women with their wardrobes and more.

Most women, myself included, need a wardrobe that fits around their lifestyles, usually much different to those of a catwalk model, rock star or jet setting fashion editor!

I believe that “feeling comfortable” is the most important thing when choosing an outfit. You can’t be running with your kids in the mall with high heels, there are situations where wearing a white dress would be a huge ‘no no’ and you definitely do not have enough time every day to mix and style outfits for the perfect look.

On average, a person’s closet (depending on the individual, their personality and style) should have 60% casual, 20% smart casual, and 20% elegant and classy outfits. Within the 60% of every day casual with a little bit of confidence you can of course easily mix and match your wardrobe with different trends and styles.

That’s exactly the reason I chose this outfit from Aeropostale. I got a very exciting email from the Aeropostale team about a photo shoot collaboration – the challenge was to “Show them who you really are”, and to choose the perfect outfit to match your lifestyle, character and taste. The perfect assignment!

Previously, shoppers may have perceived Aeropostale as the ‘teen hub’; I see it as offering the comfortable, stylish and versatile pieces that you need on an everyday basis, whatever your age! As a bonus the price point is very affordable and offers great value.

If you follow my instagram https://instagram.com/appliquestylist/ you will see the different looks created with 4 key pieces (the cap made my life easier when I decided not to put make up on and go ‘basic’). Let me know which one is your favourite!

The key is versatility – buying versatile pieces will turn your wardrobe from bland or basic to rich and exciting. Aeropostale certainly have these important pieces figured out!




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