As Image Consultants we at Applique are all about helping you look and feel fabulous. To help you do this we offer a range of services and packages that can be taken on a stand-alone basis or, based on your specific needs and requirements, can be combined and tailored into bespoke packages in order to achieve the best possible results. Involving us in the process well in advance will help us plan and work properly, with ample time to work out the details.

Our services include the following:

●  Colour Analysis
●  Styling your wardrobe
●  Your own ‘lookbook’
●  The ‘pamper yourself package
●  Corporate Image Training

●  Organising your wardrobe
●  Your personal shopper
●  Gift vouchers
●  Retail events
●  Bridal Packages

Scroll down to find out a little more about each of these services.

Please feel free to call me, so that we can discuss and find solutions that’ll make you look nothing less than fabulous. Wishing you all the best in your efforts.


Colour Analysis

Identifying the right colour that complements you is crucial to a complete and effective makeover. With Seasonal Colour Analysis, your assigned Applique Stylist will determine your colour characteristics that make you look and feel younger, slimmer, healthier and glowing with radiance.

This process will help identify and choose colours for your outfits and makeup based on your hair, eyes and skin color to create a perfect harmony.

Organizing your wardrobe

People say your wardrobe is a mirror reflection of who you are. Revisit your wardrobe today and you’ll realize that many of the outfits you have might seem like a complete stranger to who you are now.

After analyzing and understanding your lifestyle and unique tastes, your Applique Stylist will assess your wardrobe and everything you would like to be seen with. This will include your shoes, tops, pants, skirts, makeup and accessories.

Based on this, your entire wardrobe will be organized to make it easier for you to know what to wear each day. Dresses that doesn’t fit your body shape or colour will be removed and a new list of clothes will be provided to refresh your wardrobe.

Styling your wardrobe

Planning for a complete wardrobe makeover?

Creating a whole new look for yourself is not an easy task. Especially if you have an active career to pursue. It takes a lot of time and effort, meticulous planning and a million visits to your favourite stores to create the ultimate wardrobe.

But, having an Applique Stylist to assist you will make it a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Your stylist will design, plan and help you buy or create all your dresses, so that your wardrobe is totally new and awe-inspiring.

Your personal shopper

Having a personal shopper assisting you on your shopping trips helps in avoiding closet mistakes that could happen, as well as in spending every Dirham wisely. Your Applique Stylist will offer you shopping tips, accompany you to your favourite stores to find dresses that suit you the best or can even pre-select attires, so that you can try them out at your convenience, at a location of your choice.

This service can be availed for buying your entire wardrobe, accessories, makeup, footwear and everything that would have a direct effect on your image.

Your own ‘lookbook’

Messing up your wardrobe to try and find that perfect outfit for an occasion is no longer in vogue. Your Applique Stylist has just the right answer for your many wardrobe woes. To help you pick the right attire effortlessly, your stylist will create a personalized ‘lookbook’ by photographing each and every outfit of yours and categorizing them as per the occasions. This will also cover accessories and the makeup to wear, along with tips on how to look great every single day.

Gift vouchers

If you’re looking at gifting our services to your loved ones, we will be glad to offer gift vouchers, so that they have the privilege of picking a service or a package of their choice that includes a comprehensive photo-shoot. Talk to us to know more about our gift vouchers.

The ‘pamper yourself’ package

Have your Applique Stylist accompanying you when you go for that special beauty treatment. This will help you in choosing your makeup, hairstyle, eyebrow shapes, manicure and pedicure that best suits you and the occasion.

Retail events

Rewarding clients is essential for any business. To make yours feel special, we can offer them a personal styling package that begins with assessing their style, makeup and wardrobe, and recommending easy and effortless ways to enhance their looks.

Corporate Image Training

The corporate world today expects certain etiquettes from its citizens. Right from the attires they wear to how they present themselves to their clients and colleagues, business etiquettes play a major role in their daily lives.

At Applique Stylist, we have created specific packages and modules to train employees on business etiquettes. Women executives will be advised on the importance of using the right makeup, appropriate colours to wear, the perfumes that add to their personality and the styling of hair.

Bridal Packages

Wedding is the most important occasion in a woman’s life. It’s when any bride would want to look her most beautiful and dress up gracefully for the ceremony and the parties that follow. Most of all, it’s the one occasion when the bride wouldn’t want anything going wrong.

Having an Applique Stylist at the bride’s disposal can make the wedding glitch-free and truly memorable. From shopping for the dresses, to fashionably styling the bridal outfits, special beauty treatments, bridal makeup, hair styling and the selection of perfumes, the stylist can help the bride in making well-informed decisions and avoid errors while preparing for the big day.

Talk to us today to learn how we can make your wedding an occasion of a lifetime.

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“ A thousand thank you’s for your guidance! I have explored new colors, keeping my tones in mind, and have been trying to follow all of your tips. The difference is outstanding to me. Also I feel more in control when shopping, and that makes it even more fun. It is so eye opening to see how small adjustments can make such a big difference to an outfit. I love how diplomatic you are while delivering news people might not want to hear, you are not doing it from you vein right and the other is wrong but from a genuine desire to have that person access the possibility for their inner self to shine and not what you want to change in them. You say it with such compassion and caring!! thanks again you are a lifesaver Wafa Toutounji”
Dima Korek.

“Wafa is a persistant fashionista. She makes one outfit turn into five with her talent of mixing pieces. Words can’t express how much I appreciate your passion, expertise and dedication. You don’t only have an amazing sense of style but also a great personality, always fun to be around. I used to be confused about what I had to buy or wear for a matter of fact, but after our sessions, I had tips that helped with every aspect from head to toe. It’s not an easy thing having to think about things that compliment your own body.. But If anyone can do it its Wafa. She is a natural and doesn’t even have to think twice, she will know what you need and want from the first time she lays eyes on you. Thank you for being our wonderful fashionista”
Samira Baroud