March 31, 2016
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This stunning trend has been around before – back in the 80’s. From one-shoulder dresses to small shoulder slits, this entire fad is all about baring your sexy upper arms for everyone to witness. Essentially, if you have your shoulders peeping out from behind your clothes, you are embracing the amazing cold shoulder style.

Beautifully vintage, this gorgeous style is absolutely sexy without being too extreme and come on, let’s face it, showing off a bit of shoulder is downright fun. What could be better than incorporating conservative with a little dash of sultry? Nothing. So what are you waiting for? Get on board ASAP because the cold shoulder trend waits for no one!


From Adriana Lima to Alessandra Ambrosio, all the high end supermodels are rocking the cold shoulder trend. Regardless of whether they are out in public or strutting down the runway, this fad has no limits. However, the best of the best know that the ultimate cold shoulder tops and dresses have beautifully clean lines i.e. since you are already showcasing your shoulders, is there any need to have a plunging neckline, a thigh high slit or a bare midriff? The beauty of this trend is its ability to mix formality with sexy, so don’t go too overboard and instead, opt for something clean cut and beautifully designed for the ultimate chic factor.


The whole point of the cold shoulder is to make the upper arms/neck the focal point. Hence keep the accessories on the down low. After all, you don’t want to have a whole heap of clunky jewelry everywhere distracting people from your shoulders. Or worse, have layers upon layers of accessories such as thick scarves, massive necklaces and so forth that essentially end up covering those stunning shoulders that you worked so hard to show off.


The cold shoulder is definitely one extremely trendy piece. However, if you are in an environment where you aren’t exactly sure how people would react to this particular style i.e. the workplace, formal meetings etc. then simply pair it up with some of the more conservative, yet still highly stylish pieces such as a sleek pencil skirt or a pair of well tailored pants for that wonderfully polished look.



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