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Organizing your wardrobe

October 14, 2015

I might keep encouraging you to try new trends and to fill your wardrobe with clothing and accessories that suit your body shape, but there really is no point in any of your fabulous new purchases if you can never find them in your closet when you need them!

Organizing your wardrobe is a must especially if you have many different items of clothing, accessories, shoes and bags. It might feel like a chore, but trust me, it really will make your time more efficient when choosing an outfit for different occasions.

The very thought of removing everything from your wardrobe to organize it might be a bit stressful and overwhelming, yet with my following simple points, getting started is a breeze and believe me, you’ll feel great once you’ve done it!

Get rid of your old clothes.

Make 4 piles:

Wear, Fix, Throw and Donate.

Everything in your wardrobe must fit into one of these categories. You might start by putting everything in the ‘wear’ pile. Think again!

Does it fit your body shape? Is it ‘your’ color? When did you last wear it? If not within the last 12 months – well, that tells you something! Why didn’t you wear it? Does it need to go in the fix pile so you can wear it again? Find a good local tailor to befriend and find your self a whole new wardrobe of ‘fixed’ clothing!

Maybe it will never fit or suit, or you’ve simply moved on from the style or trend? It will still be good for someone – donate to your local charity collection or similar, there are always many requests on social media for example.

Throw everything that is ripped or washed out as it isn’t of use to anyone. It’s respectful to not donate anything that’s damaged or ruined to charity – think of the people expected to wear them.

As before, you might be feeling the separation anxiety might be at its top, but lets face it, an item that has not had it’s wear over a year means you will not wear it again.


Invest in good hangers – ideally in one color and padded. Clothes will look more cared for, won’t slip and your closet tidier and more pleasant to look at.

Invest in transparent shoeboxes. Hang an extra shelf on top of your closet, if needs be and stock it with the boxes boxes. To save more time when choosing the shoe to wear, you can take a photo and print it, pin to the front of the box, et voila, you can see which shoes you are looking for!

Fold your lingerie and scarves in the drawers, using ‘separators’ between each. Ikea sell lots of these options at bargain prices

If you have an extra space in your closet hang your bags on hooks. And in case there is no extra space, find good boxes, stock it with your bags, and put it under the bed.

Out of season clothes have no room in your closet either – keep a ‘clear’ seasonal view by storing things away in boxes and label each box for example, sweaters, pants, boots…etc

Categorize your clothes by pants, skirts, jeans, casual shirts, work wear etc..

If you wish, color code your wardrobe – it will be a great way to choose colors that will match and help you ‘glow’ when you have no time for make up

Take advantage of closet doors ‘space’ – You can store/hang allsorts of items on the back of doors using so many great solutions from the likes of Ikea.

Take care of your wardrobe like this every three to four months or season, trust me it’ll get so much less tiresome after the first time and your closet and stylish self will thank you for it!



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