April 11, 2016
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Hear ye, hear ye. Do you hear the cry of all those chic new season trends calling? Even if you live under a rock (which I am sure you don’t!) you are bound to have heard about at least a couple of them. From the shops to the runways to the magazines, there are a whole series of trends back in full swing – and trying to avoid temptation can honestly be even more difficult than going back to work after a long hiatus. Fortunately, there is already a variety of key pieces for this upcoming year that is probably already stocked up nicely in your wardrobe. This is great news for you! After all, this means that you will be able to rock all the latest looks with absolutely no retail therapy needed. However, before you get too excited and begin breaking down the walls of your wardrobe, you will have to make sure that you have got all the essentials covered to make that smooth transition from 2015 into 2016.


Listen up, whoever said that sequins are only to be brought out during New Year’s Eve? This year, sequins are coming out, in a big way. So if you want to get on board with this chic new trend, listen up. Simply pair your sequin outfit with something more subtle and basic, this will help ensure that you don’t look too glitz and glam for everyday wear. For example, got a sequin dress? Easy. Just combine it with a casual jacket – denim or leather will do and finish the look with some of your favorite monocolored boots/flats for that natural approach.

Slip Dresses

As we have seen from the Saint Laurent SS16 runway show, this sexy number has made a major comeback. With its roots in the 1990’s, this piece offers a sense of nostalgia while keeping chic with some modern touches such as bolder patterns, unique fabrics such as lace and interesting cuts. However, don’t think that this fashionable piece has to be limited to the warmer seasons, if you want to avoid any of those chills, simply team up your favorite slips with some of your favorite cozy knits.


This all-time favorite has been a long running player in the fashion game. Now offered in a variety of different colors, this traditionally black and white pattern has branched out and marked its territory in a range of different hues. Want to go bold? Opt for neons. Looking for sweet and savory? How about going for a neutral color palette – lets say peachy pink and ivory white?

Cold Shoulder

Off the shoulder tops have been around for quite sometime now, but we anticipate that during 2016, it is going to make one huge return. So, if you feel like this look has been done and dusted a long time ago, think again. However, this charming piece is extremely versatile as it can easily be dressed up with a sleek pencil skirt, a structured blazer and strappy heels and is perfect for a casual day out by simply combining it with something like some chic skinny jeans, your favorite bomber jacket and a pair of breezy flats.

Floral Dresses

It has been long engrained in us to think of floral dresses when we talk about warm weather. After all, these two are almost synonymous. Pretty, sweet and typically feminine, these are going to be a major player in 2016’s upcoming trends, so it is high time to embrace your flower power! If you want to keep things classically girly, simply opt for fun accessories, a pair of stylish ballet flats and perhaps a lightweight scarf. However, if you want to give the typically feminine piece an androgynous twist, why don’t you simply throw a causal leather jacket over the top and rock on out in your favorite pair of black ankle booties?







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