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Mixing And Matching Your Wardrobe

April 8, 2015
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“I have nothing to wear” is what we tell ourselves everyday while doing the same morning exercise of staring at a closet full of clothes.
Unfortunately, we are all guilty of buying clothes that we never wear, simply because it’s “super trendy” or “on sale”, or because we assume “it’s going to look good with my new shoes”.

So what to wear when you have nothing to wear?

Start by setting a foundation for your wardrobe; this will help you mix and match and get more creative with your outfits. The key to building that perfect wardrobe foundation is having versatile pieces, be it the key items that look good with absolutely everything or the basics that can be used in multiple ways to create many different looks.

The next time you’re shopping, make sure you invest in versatile pieces, in pieces you can’t live without; this will help you use what you already own more effectively instead of buying more and more pieces.

You can always complement your basic pieces with accessories, a new lipstick, or even by trying the color block trend.



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