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Maxi dresses – Maxi WOW for Spring & Summer

June 12, 2015
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It’s the seasonal ‘must buy’ that NEVER goes out of style – the favorite of so many off duty celebrity mama’s and more – The Maxi Dress – so versatile, so comfortable, so NOW and just perfect for Spring and Summer dressing.

So, we love‘em and we know you love‘em – and it’s easy to see why. I can’t think of a single occasion where a maxi dress doesn’t match the mood. The rails are stocked full of every size, fabric and color, from the super casual to the elegantly formal, there is something for every maxi girl out there.

It’s a common thought that the maxi dress only suits tall or leaner shapes. WRONG.

If you are one of the few who have yet to rock the maxi dress trend, let us help you find the right style for you – giving you the confidence to hog those dressing rooms!

Curvy or Full Frames.

Rejoice, ladies, because the maxi is one item of clothing that was made for you! But WAIT – it’s important to get the style and cut just right, in order to flatter not fright. Fit-and-flare dresses with cinched waists show off your curves. Avoid skinny straps or other details that bring attention to problem areas, like bright sequins on the tummy or ruffles around the arm. Empire line styles are perfect for the expectant mom to be too and ‘grow’ with you throughout your pregnancy.

Curvy or full-figured women should avoid horizontal stripes, as these make the body look wider.

Shorter side?

Most petite women tend to avoid maxi dresses like the plague and this does make sense as some styles can overwhelm short frames. Wearing heels helps, but a dress with a shorter/asymmetrical cut at the front shows off those pretty shoes. High waistlines are also a good idea, as these give the illusion of length.

Solid colors look great on almost any body type, although these are best for people who want to create an illusion of length. Petite women should stick to microprints like paisleys or polka dots.

Pear Shape

Maxi dresses can tend to overemphasize certain features, which can be a problem for women with larger hips. Traditional ‘pear shapes’ however, do not have to avoid maxi dresses. The key here is to draw attention away from the bottom part of the body. A maxi dress with an embellished top, for example, keeps eyes focused on the top part of the body. Dresses with a light-colored top and darker bottom also help slim down hips.

Boyish Frames

It’s completely feasible for a boyish figure to look amazing in a maxi – Column-style dresses with narrow skirts can make athletic frames look longer and leaner. Naturally willowy women can show off toned arms and shoulders with a tube dress or spaghetti straps. Go for it, you are one of the few shapes that can truly carry the straight look off!

Bigger bust?

Top heavier women often find that a dress doesn’t fit ‘ right’ and finding one that does not make them look too busty can be difficult – but that is why many large-breasted women love maxi dresses. The loose draping fits well on the top-heavy frame, but it’s important to go for certain styles that flatter their shape. For example, a dress with a V-neck balances out the heavy top and shows off delicate collarbones. Cap-sleeved or dresses with thick straps are also ideal, as these cover up bra straps and give extra support and boost

What else?

You know your shape and you know what suits – but don’t forget, things like design, accessories, and even wearing the right underwear can make a difference when wearing a maxi dress.


Maxi dresses by themselves are ‘enough’ outfit wise, so women should be careful and wear minimal accessories. Simple shoes are best for a relaxed look, but depending on the occasion, a pair of glittery sandals or platform heels can jazz up a plain dress.

Petite women should carry small clutches or purses, as overly large hobo bags can overpower their frames. A pair of earrings and a chunky necklace can instantly take that casual day look into night.


Believe it or not, wearing the right underwear can make a maxi dress look even better. Strapless bras are a must for anyone wearing tube or strappy dresses. For those wearing cleavage-baring or plunging necklines, a push-up bra helps make the bust line look even more attractive. For skin-hugging skirts, a thong or no-seam underwear gets rid of those visible panty lines.

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