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Make up to suit your face shape!

May 20, 2015

We’ve all done it – bought into the latest lipstick shades or eye make up trends, only to find our newest purchases do absolutely nothing for us when we get them home and apply them ourselves…

Just like dressing to suit your figure or height, the shape of your beautiful face will determine which of the season’s hottest make up looks are the most flattering for you.

What is my face shape, I hear you say?

Take a long hard look in the mirror – to most it should be fairly obvious where you place in the list of defined face shapes – whether round, oval, heart shaped or more, there is a way of dressing your face with make up to look your best, just like we discussed before about your body shape and the clothes you wear.

Your make up should enhance your features and make you feel more confident, follow our guide to make sure you are getting it right for your face shape!

If you have a HEART shaped face…

You have a wider forehead with a narrower chin. Usually with ‘killer’ cheekbones too!

Wear: A standout lip will draw attention away from a prominent chin or cheekbones – the brighter the better. Go easy on the blush – women wear it to define their cheekbones, but you really don’t need to – a small amount to highlight is enough, trust us!

The new craze for contouring is ideal for a heart shaped face, but takes effort to avoid a face fail! Have a search for some online tutorials and practice!

Dark eyes, be it with eyeliner or shadow, or both. A dramatic focal point for your face is a must, the same as the lip – but choose one feature – don’t do both.

If you have a ROUND shaped face…

You have a forehead and a chin area that are similar widths, usually widest at the cheeks.

Wear: Again, contouring is your friend to find some definition on a rounded face. Practice, and practice some more however, if done right, it can make an amazing difference, and really create the illusion of length – done badly, it looks like you let a toddler make you over!

Apply blush to the underside of your cheekbones, and not the ‘apple’ which can make your cheeks appear even rounder.

Keep your brows sharp – an angled brow can again, slim a face down and creates a feature to draw the eye, as well as a darker shadow or liner, for the same effect.

If you have a LONG or OVAL shaped face…

You have a raised forehead, higher cheekbones and a square jawline.

Wear: An oval face shape needs to draw attention to the center. A fat brush shading around the nose can help here, and it’s a great opportunity to play with dramatic eye make up – lashes, the works!

Your longer face shape generally dictates that less is more for make up here – think sheer shades more than block colors. A crème blush along the top of your cheekbones works well to concentrate the eye on the center features.

If you have a SQUARE shaped face…

You have a face that is similar width at the forehead, cheeks and chin, with a strong jawline.

Wear: It’s time to embrace those ‘angles’ with some clever contouring that enhances your chiseled features.

For eye make up, keep the ‘shapes’ softer, rather than angled – in fact, brushing in circular motions will help soften the face. The same rules apply for blush. Apply in swirling motions to the apples of your cheeks.

A more angular face lends itself to angular, or more prominent brows, so don’t be afraid to fill them in if you feel brave enough, or they are a little sparse.

Fill lip color in from the center with an intense color and gradually fade outwards.

Check our illustration as it might help you get the contouring and highlighting right.

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