How to wear a ‘High Low’ Hem – Shirts!

June 12, 2015
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The ‘High Low’ hem is a trend that is set to become a staple. Whilst they look great on skirts and dresses, we think it’s their use on a top, shirt or tunic that really make them ultra adaptable for everyone’s wardrobe.

A High-low hem is a type of design of hem where the front one is shorter than the back; creating a flattering look for all shapes.

Like most new items, it can be a lesson on how to style such a blouse to suit your shape, and more importantly, fit.

High-low hem blouses and tops are an excellent way to add length and accentuate your curves. Let’s take a look at the simple ways in which you can pair high-low hem outfits for different occasions.

There are of course, different styles of the ‘High Low’ hem on the high street, and I’ll show you how to choose what fits you. It’s the perfect look for casual living, whether your lifestyle is more office than beach – it works for both!

High Low and ‘sheer’

High Low hem tops come in sheer fabrics usually, so casual is never really casual with this item!

Colors should always suit your skin tone, but these shirts look awesome with tighter pants, tapered or shorts – they are slightly voluminous, so remember the rules about ‘ balance’

Accessorize with a set of silver bangles or just a tote and flats would look great. Hats work well on outfits with fewer accessories overall!

T Shirt Casual

Cotton jersey tops usually come with slogans or cartoony type characters on them – great for an uber casual summer look

Perfect with shorts or leggings or any kind of jeans – preferably a high-waisted pair, and, if you can get away with it, I love the idea of wearing it with a skirt that is right above the knee, yet super tight.

Colorful bags, Bohemian shoes and bangles look great for this ‘ festival chic’ look.

Due to their natural shape – High Low hem shirts are naturally baggier, especially at the back – so consider this when finding one that suits and dressing it up. Our ‘balance’ rule is to keep only one half of your outfit voluminous, so these shirts work best with a fitted bottom half. They are usually longer too, so great even as maternity wear, covering a bump, or those troublesome tummy or top of thigh areas.

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