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How to style “The Kimono”

August 29, 2015
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I love it when the fashion industry picks up on a classic and it becomes popular again – versatility, comfort and style? What’s not to love!

So it looks like the Kimono has been back on trend for over a year. When worn right a kimono brings a boho-chic vibe alongside a glamorous look that easily takes you from day to night.

Coming in so many different patterns, fabrics and colors, choosing the right kimono for you might be overwhelming sometimes with the many different options that you might see in the stores and online.

Kimonos come in two different styles– ‘full’ (like a mini dress or long jacket) or more jacket or shoulder cover-up (cardigan shape). They are the ideal cover up for any occasion, and can form the eye catching part of an outfit on their own. Perfect for hot weather dressing too! When worn correctly, they can add instant chic to your look

When it comes to colors and fabrics, the bolder the better, but I do advise to ‘think twice’ if you are coveting lace or sheer – always think ‘could this be mistaken for nightwear?’ if looking at anything like that, or in white, nude or soft pink colors especially!

You know by now, the first thing I am going to mention when trying new styles – yes, your BODY SHAPE! With regards to buying a Kimono, the important things to note are how wide your shoulders are, your height and of course your natural coloring.

To balance your outfits with your body shape remember that a Kimono will look great on wide shoulders.

You might want to skip this trend if you are slight with narrower shoulders as it will drag your shoulders down and you will lose the balance. The Kimono is a very versatile trend, but it’s most important to suit our body shape first.

Moving on to your height, If you are on the shorter side, a Kimono will shorten your legs even further unless you choose one that sits right on your hips., or above.

How to style your Kimono
How you wear your Kimono is a matter of a personal taste, as the item can go with simply everything, but below are some tips:
– Make sure that you wear a loose fabric, and avoid anything bulky as it will add the illusion of weight.
– Wear a tight tank, or close fitting dress underneath your kimono, or if you are wearing a loose top, make sure it is tucked in at the waist to give more definition.
– Get even more definition on the waist by wearing a thin neutral belt with jeans and heels
– Kimonos are not only for summer, you can wear them all year round, providing another layer, or even by wearing a long sleeve tee underneath for even cooler climes.
– Kimonos are quite versatile, you can wear it with any look you choose whether it’s a boho, chic or casual, so experiment with colors and shapes as you would any other outfit – have fun!

I choose to wear my floral Kimonos’ from forever 21 in a chic style with a tight black dress. I dressed it up with a long necklace to create the illusion of a long lean figure and open heels to elongate my legs.

For my black Kimono with fringing from H&M, I chose a boho look for a more relaxing and easy style. I paired with boyfriend jeans and a tucked in loose strapless top to balance the outfit.

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