March 27, 2016
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Okay, here is the deal, the true secret behind being really chic is to invest in a set of basic, but stylish and trendy essentials that can be mixed and matched, worn and re-worn, time and time again, no matter the season or the year.

Just from looking at highly chic ladies such as Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung, you can tell that you don’t have to own a million dollar wardrobe in order to keep up with their style. What is all essentially comes down to is investing in a few great pieces. So here, today, the Applique team will show the ropes on how to remain trendy when you are on call at your office.


You might be a little afraid to go for patterns while you are at work, but there is absolutely no need to be. Prints are a great way to add a little interest to your outfit and if it is done correctly, you definitely won’t be sacrificing your professionalism for style.

For example, opt for classic pinstripes. These professional looking prints as essentially neutrals that can play nice with a variety of different hues, styles and designs. Not to mention, they instantly help to elongate your frame.


Trust me, there is absolutely no reason for you to leave your favorite neon bangles hanging on your jewelry stand simply because it is working hours. The main idea to still be able to fully appreciate keeping up with the trends is remain balanced.

Hence, if you have any statement pieces, whether it is a bold and bright blazer or a daring pair of shoes, simply make sure that the rest of your ensemble is relatively neutral to prevent yourself from looking like you’re about to hit the town on a Friday night.


Just because it is nine o’clock on a weekday, it does not mean that you have to be fully dressed in black. Yes, while black is extremely professional and looks great at an office setting, you are more than free to embrace the trends.

If there is a ‘hot’ and ‘in trend’ color at the moment that you aren’t too sure whether or not it is work appropriate, simply pair it off with an item that is classically ‘work appropriate’ such as black, grey, white and brown. So don’t be afraid to rock your orange blouse with a pair of your favorite white pencil skirt for that beautifully chic, yet highly professional look!

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