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Hair styles to suit your face shape!

June 7, 2015

We think it’s one of the ultimate style ‘pick me ups’ A visit to the salon for anything from a quick ‘Zhuz’ to a complete re-style always leaves you feeling like a new woman. So much so we think weekly blow drys should be free as a public service!

But before you make that appointment, arm yourself with some ideas of how you’d love your hair to look – it avoids any rash decisions in the the chair and gives you the confidence to advise your stylist on exactly what you are looking for.

But will it suit you? We all have our celebrity hair style crush, and usually know when something’s a little out of reach. A kinky afro will never transform into Gwyneth’s sleek blonde locks, for example. But we CAN channel our inner Beyonce easy enough, and why not?

But before you hit the hairdressers with a bunch of books looking for the ideal style, do your homework on what will suit you best. Your face shape will make a huge difference to how a style sits with your overall look and shape. Make the ideal match and you’ll feel a million bucks in no time – because you’re worth it!

If you have a HEART shaped face…

You have Short hair!

Wear: A pixie crop – go seriously short, and cute with it! Not many face shapes can carry a cut like this. If you have a strong jawline, a choppy top can balance it out. Choppy layers can also break up a wider forehead.

Think: Halle Berry

You have Medium length hair!

Wear: The bob is always in fashion, and if you cut yours to the collar bone, maybe at an angle and add in choppy bangs, you’ll be ‘bang’ on trend and suiting your shape so well, whilst balancing out a pronounced chin area.

Think: Reece Witherspoon

You have Long hair!

Wear: Keeping your hair long, with a heart shape face should always include layers. Whether straight or curly, the worst thing you can do with this face shape is carry a ‘curtain’ of heavy hair around. Snip into it! A full fringe works well to draw attention too.

Think: Taylor Swift, pre bob.

If you have a ROUND shaped face…

You have Short hair!

Wear: A shorter hair style can work with a rounder face if we add height – it shows off your face in the ultimate way, but no bad thing! Go for choppy, spiky or plain old ruffles on top, which emphasizes eyes too. Avoid a cheek hugging bob, which simply widens your features.

Think: Ginnifer Goodwin

You have Medium length hair!

Wear: Long layers bring fullness to your hair, and not your face. Layer at the bottom too so that attention and volume is there, rather than at the sides, where your cheeks don’t need it!

Think: Charlize Theron

You have:  Long hair!

Wear:  Long, choppy, well blended layers work well  – keep the cut a few inches below the chin or longer. A cute side sweep can create great angles or gentle, tousled natural looking waves are a great way to deflect roundness.

Think:  Emma Stone

If you have a LONG or OVAL shaped face…

You have Short hair!

Wear: You lucky thing! This is one of the only face shapes where you can really go sharp and angular – graphic bobs are perfect, layers add width too – curls work well for balance but keep it an inch or two longer!

Think: Kiera Knightly

You have Medium length hair!

Wear: Longer and sleeker, a ‘classic’ blow out style, perhaps with volume around the ends, or around the ears leaves you with an elegant style with bounce

Think: Jennifer Aniston

You have Long hair!

Wear: Keeping your hair long is no problem, the longer the better, but do yourself a favor and take a few inches off your face with some fringe action , side swept bangs would look great on you.

Think: Emma Stone

If you have a SQUARE shaped face…

You have Short hair!

Wear: You’ve probably got cheekbones to die for! Emphasise these with a layered bob. Taking the emphasis off your angular jaw area and drawing the eye to your cheeks, eyes, or layered fringe would be great on you.

Think: Cameron Diaz

You have Medium length hair!

Wear: Lots of layers! the ultimate longer, choppier bob suits you down to the ground. Bangs, again work well in emphasizing the upper half of an angular face. Keep your hair longer, but lean with razored, feathery light locks, and a side parting

Think: Olivia Wilde

You have Long hair!

Wear: Don’t think blunt, think soft, as a balance to angular features. Wispy bangs, soft curls and anything else that breaks up a ‘ curtain’ of hair. And gets rid of angles

Think: Jessica Simpson

If you have a DIAMOND shaped face…

You have Short hair!

Wear: Layers, layers, layers. No one is a better candidate for lots of layers than a girl with a diamond face shape. Lots of layers keep a diamond face shape ‘open’. Also, styles that ‘tuck’ behind your ears will always look good on you too.

Think: Audrey Tatou

You have Medium length hair!

Wear: Hairstyles that add width at the chin area such as chin length bob cuts or shoulder length wispy kicked out looks.

Think: Meg Ryan

You have Long hair!

Wear Bangs will immediately shorten the overall length of the face while soft layered sides fall nicely to the shoulders drawing attention away from long lines. This shape will work equally well on wavy and curly textures

Think: Claudia Schiffer

If you have a OBLONG shaped face…

You have Short hair!

Wear: Styles that are short in length with longer top layers without height are best suited to you such as wedge and graduated bob cuts.

Think: Liv Tyler

You have Medium length hair!

Wear: Longer bobs, graduated will suit you down to the ground! Side bangs too look great on your face shape whatever length, and styled to create width with flicks or curls..

Think Teri Hatcher

You have Long hair!

Wear: Soft and wavy, with lots of body creates width to you face. Bangs will shorten your face also.

Think: Jessica Alba

If you have a TRIANGLE shaped face…

You have Short hair!

Wear: Think about heavy top layers and keep the forehead clear of hair. This balances your face shape to suit – particularly if our hair is curly.

Think: Geena Davies

You have Medium length hair!

Wear: Side swept bangs work well to create diagonal direction drawing attention to the eyes. A zig zag part creates some height and builds length into into a style, whilst a ‘rounded’ bob will balance out the face shape and hug your features.

Think Renee Zelwegger

You have Long hair!

Wear: A middle part divides the face in two and that creates length and draws an eye down. Soft waves, again, work well with a sleek part as above.

Think: Jennifer Aniston



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