Find your body shape and style it right

May 17, 2015

Have a look around, us Ladies come in all sizes and shapes – that’s a given. When it comes to fashion, they may tell you ‘one size fits all’ but the fact is true STYLE is about the right fit – match it to your unique shape and you are onto a winner.

Fit and flatter – it’s so important to have an understanding of what suits you as an individual the very best. Unfortunately this can mean that seasonal trends are not always your friend, but looking your best and feeling comfortable comes first, right?

When shopping with friends at the mall, our eyes are drawn to those colors and shapes we’d love to wear, but when it comes to the fitting rooms, we are not doing ourselves any favors.

It’s really not about size, everyone can look good with the right advice, it’s about the fit, and that, coupled with confidence will leave you feeling a million dollars, whatever the season.

Most women fall into a familiar set of ‘shapes’ – as defined below. Once you know which shape you are, you can work with it, and not against it when it comes to finding a flattering fit and style of dressing.

Don’t forget, that as women, our shapes can change and change again, whether through puberty, pregnancy, weight loss or gain. So, take a fresh look at yourself as you are today, and we’ll take it from there!

What is my body shape?

You know yourself – you will fit into one of the following categories – if you are still not sure, find a long mirror and take a good look…

The ‘Column’

Tall, lean and ‘long’ – probably leggy too – being a ‘column’ shape usually means that most clothes fit and are more often flattering than not. Your bust and hips may be similar in size to your waist.

‘Pear’ Shape

Your hips are larger than your bust and you generally have a wider bottom half to your chest and shoulders. Your waist slopes down with your bottom and thighs being heavier than the rest of you.

The ‘Hourglass’

Your bust and hips are similar sizes and your waist is well defined, creating a ‘cinched’ middle effect.

The ‘inverted’ Triangle

More often known as the ‘sportier’ shape – your shoulders and upper body are wider than your bottom half and you will have slim hips and a less defined waist.

The Oval (or Apple)

You are larger in the bust area and carry weight around the middle and hips with a less defined waist, or none at all.

Now you know your own body, and we can show you how to dress for that perfect balance! in our next post.

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