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A Guide to Stylishly Dressing Your Baby Bump

September 28, 2016
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Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean that you have to give up your personal style and flair. There are so many different maternity options nowadays that flattering your gorgeous figure. You should always bear in mind that that lovely bump of yours is the home to a sweet little baby and it needs all the energy that it can possibly have to provide a wonderful nest for your beautiful child. It is quite unfortunate that many people get stuck with their old clothes, and simply changing the sizes upwards is physiologically threatening for them. However, if you simply pause, take a breath and just embrace the changes that your body is making, stick true to a nutritious, well balanced diet and enjoy life, everything should be perfect.

For the Blooming Mothers

It is absolutely natural that some women gain just around the belly, but most actually discover that their baby weight distributes all over. So don’t fret – you are not alone! Soft fabrics and longer lines are the best methods to help you feel wonderful while still being able to accentuate your lovely baby bump. Many women face the issue of their chest size getting larger and while it might be a little annoying when dressing up, it is a good idea to opt for jewelry as it helps keep their focus on all those stylish accessories!

For the Smaller Mothers

Don’t be afraid to accentuate that belly! Personally, I have struggled with that and many people didn’t even know that I was pregnant until I was in my 27th week of pregnancy! In order to embrace that beautiful bump, you have to add dimensions to your outfit, such as a belt on top of the belly, a tight dress with a kimono or simply tie the shirt you are wearing around your waist. It is important to avoid large clothes, as you don’t want to add more ‘weight’ on you. Instead, opt for tight pants, but hey, every pregnant gal also needs a pair of sleek, chic maternity pants too!

If You’re Carrying Low

If you are going to deliver at any moment, try to balance your body. Trust me when I say that pencil skirts will do a brilliant job. Here’s a neat trick: Mix it with a stylish v neck to elongate your figure and balance the proportions.

If You’re Carrying High

Every woman’s body operates differently. Just like how every girl is built with a different body type, every expectant mother expresses her pregnancy in different areas too. So for those of you who have noticed that the upper half of your body has been increasing, simply think of it as an apple shaped figure when trying to dress to flatter. A great tip is to separate visually the bust from the baby by either color blocking or adding some belts. So perhaps as a fashion inspiration, why don’t you treat yourself to a nice maxi dress with a defined waist under the bust? Trust me, you will be absolutely glowing!

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