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3 Separate Looks For Different Occasions

August 14, 2016
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There is no doubt that there are such a wide variety of women out there, each with their own beautiful sense of style, taste and personal flair. Fortunately, in today’s modern society, differing from their competitors by their styles, their colors and the way they fit, there are a sufficient number of designers to cater to this diverse range of ladies. Take a classic pair of Christian Louboutens for example, it’s edgy and classy style simply can not be compared…

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Featured Outfit Trends


February 17, 2016
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Over the past few years, there is no doubt that the trends that we have witnessed during the 8-Day NY Fashion Week has been a whirlwind. Taking all of its watchers on a fashion-forward ride, from the highly intricate details to the over-the-top ruffles and from the elegant basics to the color-clashing designs, the beauty about the New York Fashion Week is that it is always the frontrunner to kicking off some seriously stylish trends that continue to shine and…

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