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Bringing up baby? Get that wardrobe back on track…

May 17, 2015

It’s the hardest job in the world and no doubt your biggest achievement yet. Having a baby transforms a couple into a family and a woman into a Mother.

It also changes a few other things as well, and there is little doubt the toll pregnancy can take on us ladies, from body shape, to body image – it’s easy to find yourself in a style rut when juggling the daily practicalities of raising a baby with a woman’s wish to keep a little bit of ‘herself’ when it comes to a fashion and beauty routine.

It’s all too easy to give up, to not worry about anything but your little one; time is so precious you can’t even think about it?


It’s not impossible to stay groomed and stylish, even when the kids are taking up your time and you are not at your most confident. We’ve been there ourselves, and we know that you will feel exactly the opposite, but believe us, with a little organisation and a positive outlook, you can keep your pre pregnancy style and let that ‘mama glow’ shine through:

Take a look at your current wardrobe, your daily routine and take our tips and advice on board:


  • DIVERT: The ultimate distraction tool! Yes – there is a way to draw the eye away from areas we would prefer not to focus on – give them something else to look at with a carefully styled necklace, scarf or statement bag.
  • RECYCLE: Don’t forget that sassy accessories can also liven up your ‘old’ wardrobe staples – perfect for the budget conscious, take a fresh look at what you already have and where that splash of new colour or pattern would help.
  • SAVE TIME: And who doesn’t need that! Investing in accessories will quickly leave you ready to rock your awesome look for the day by quickly adding that new scarf, earring or dash of lipstick.

Layering and draping

  • Be careful when layering that you flatter your shape and don’t drown it.
  • Vests and camisoles should reach no more than 1 below your hips. They should also be as fitted as possible – baggy makes you look bigger!
  • Layer over the top of your vest with something more draping or flowy. Florals are huge for this season. Always make sure to choose the second layer with colours that will reflect on your face, neutrals can make you look paler, and with any lack of sleep, not what you need!
  • Dresses can be found with draping and ruching around the tummy area – look out for this – wrap dresses are perfect and so flattering for mums.


Every mum’s friend!

If you are conscious about specific areas, be it tummy or highs, shapewear can leave a smooth silhouette and you confident for that night out.

Who doesn’t want to look and feel great? Use shapewear whilst you are losing the extra baby weight, but make sure it is not super compressed, as this will make you feel the pressure and no one wants to feel uncomfortable when socialising.

Stop wearing your maternity clothes

They maybe practical, but psychologically, it’s really important to put them at the back of your wardrobe!

Invest in good jeans and a couple of tops that will fit your body post delivery, pay attention if breast feeding to accessibility and suitability.

Post pregnancy is just a phase and it’s important for you to consider yourself as much as you consider your new baby.


Dresses must have a defined waistline, again, baggy is not your friend – flatter your new bustline and waist, adding those cute accessories and shoes – you’ll feel a million dollars mama, we promise!


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