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Boho outfits that I chose

July 27, 2015
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The heat is on in Dubai, and it makes it so much harder to be outdoors during the summer, no leisurely walks in the park, that’s for sure, and even parking the car and finding it again feels like an ordeal!

The beauty of Dubai is the Air Conditioning you can enjoy at every indoor venue, with the irony being that you actually need to carry a jacket or cardigan with you so you don’t feel too chilly inside the mall!

So, this month, I am choosing outfits that are: very comfortable, weather friendly and ‘decent’ at the same time – Ramadan is the Holy Month, and whilst we must dress correctly in the UAE, it’s even more important to be respectful during this month.


However, I always stick to my signature and classic style – it isn’t too hard as I feel that my ‘Boho’ look and feel is really versatile. I have a petite build, so I can’t layer as much as I would like, as I feel a bit ‘overwhelmed’ – but I spend time ‘ balancing’ my outfit choices and that seems to work.

The relaxed and flowy fabrics of a ‘ Boho’ look are perfect for summer, keeping the heat out and perfect for layering if that is what suits your shape.

My go to choices are:

Wide leg trousers -with a higher waist, so easy to wear, and easy to style. I also find they elongate my legs – great for me as my upper body is longer than my lower, so it’s important to balance this out and concentrate on ‘ stretching’ out my lower half. Pants that I got are from Zara and am in love with them.

Off the shoulder tops: – breezy and flowing, these tops look great with the wide leg trouser – it widens my shoulders and goes a way to making my legs look longer! The black top is from Topshop.

Lace: If you’ve been shopping recently, you’ll know that lace is everywhere. It’s a very feminine look and very versatile – of course, it can be respectful too, with lining or layering, it’s totally possible to make lace classy – and of course I would never do ‘ top to toe’ – as ever, balance is the key! The top is from Vero Moda

Bangles and beads: Nothing says ‘ Boho’ like some wrist candy, and it’s the perfect look to wear plenty of bracelets and bangles – long necklaces and beads look amazing with ‘Boho’ but again, balance is key – I choose a small pendant necklace to accent the lace top, but really go to town on the arms!

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