About Us

Admit it. Aren’t there times you wished your looks could have been a tad sharper and trendier? That you could look your very best every single day with no exceptions?

The truth is, when it comes to fashion, there are no short cuts. No designer wear, expensive outfits or accessories can guarantee you impeccable style and finesse. The secret lies in an eye for perfection and understanding of the latest styles that trend around the world. And of course, by making it work for you and your unique lifestyle.

Every woman, irrespective of her age, needs to feel confident about the way the world looks at her. This is where the expertise of an image consultant and stylist comes into play. Read on to know how you can have an image makeover done by an expert.

Image consultant Wafa Toutounji is the energy and brain behind Applique Stylist, an image consulting company in Dubai. A certified consultant from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and professionally trained by ByFerial LTD Dubai, Wafa always believed in the importance of helping people achieve their true beauty and potential. And her passion can clearly be seen in her styling and outlook on fashion.

A lively individual, a working mom and most of all a real fashion enthusiast at heart, Wafa’s expertise goes a lot deeper than just choosing great outfits. What makes her styling truly desirable is her approach to understanding a person’s lifestyle, analysis of colour & body-shape (4×4 System, 16 Seasons), personal shopping, makeup and in creating the right image and wardrobe for a distinctive style.