A week Challenge with Silksofine

April 21, 2016

I can’t believe how social media has became the place to meet people, fall in love with some, and plan for meeting others. I do have to confess that I love it and on the other hand it scares me a bitJ

Having said that, one of the most genuine people I have met through social media is Silksofine, by Dolna a sweet beautiful girl with a classic style and a vision on how to make things better for her and for others, she believes in empowering each other to become stronger and more visible.

I have collaborated with her on creating something called 7days/7 looks, so basically the challenge was to create 7 different looks for each day and explain why and how I got the inspiration to wear these different items.

As an image consultant, I really do care about creating different style to match others style, as they might get an inspiration on how to wear certain items they struggle with.

Thank you Dolna at Silksofine for creating such an idea am sure it helped a lot and I actually challenged my self to create those looks.

Make sure you head to Silksofine to check the complete looks and links to similar items for you to purchase.

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