March 16, 2016
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Stripes have long been a wardrobe staple in every fashionista’s closet. After all, they aren’t just sporty, but they can be sweet, fierce, glam and virtually everything else. Take a look at virtually any old fashion blog, style magazine or even just a TV show and what do you see? Well, let me tell you if you just so happen to be living under a rock: stripes. You see stripes – stripes in pretty much every single shade and a wide range of different widths. From the horizontal to the vertical and even the diagonal, stripes are making a huge comeback and with good reason too. Regardless of where they are found, from tops to dresses to skirt and shoes, they are classic, flattering and extremely fun. So it is no wonder why stripes can be found around every nook and cranny this year.

Unfortunately, it seems like an immense fear of every girl is whether or not stripes will make you look wider than you are or if they will be accentuating any of your ‘not-so-favorite’ areas. However, this shouldn’t be in the way of your enjoyment of stripes because here I am to tell you today that stripes are a trend that every single girl should be able to enjoy. Want to know how to style them? Let me show you…

The Inverted Triangle

You ladies are blessed with a gorgeous pair of assets, but the key here is balance. You want to avoid stripes that go across your torso as it will make the difference between your upper and lower more apparent. Hence it is great to opt for vertically striped tops that help create the illusion of length.

The Pear

Opposite to the inverted triangle, you have more weight down below. However, similarly to your sisters the inverted triangle, the key here is balance. So in order to balance your look and make your upper body look in sync with your lower, it is best to go for horizontal stripes as thick, horizontal stripes will help to create volume across your torso. So it really goes without saying that when you are searching for bottoms, that you are on the look out for vertical stripes that elongate your curvy legs (remember, horizontal widens).


Long and lean, you don’t carry your weight in a single area as it is relatively evenly distributed. Horizontal stripes of a variety of widths will look extremely flattering on you. They will help give the illusion of curves where you might not have them while still managing to flatter your natural figure. However, smaller stripes do help to create a narrowing illusion whereas larger stripes create a widening illusion, so be careful that you opt for the larger bands rather than the narrower one in order to create those much desired curves.


So sweet and cute, shorter ladies often find themselves drowning in regular sized clothing. The point here is to avoid wide horizontal stripes as they will make you appear shorter than you actually are due to their natural widening effect. Hence, opt for vertical stripes to really help elongate your naturally petite silhouette.


If you are blessed enough to have a figure that is perfectly proportionate then I envy you. This means that you are fortunate enough to have the ability to choose your stripes. Your gorgeous figure has to be appreciated in all its glory, so opt for dresses, bottoms and tops that hit your narrow waist. Horizontal stripes are the absolute best for flattering your curvy, well-proportioned figure. In addition, try to shy away from wearing anything that appears to loose because without the cinch in the waist, you aren’t doing your fabulous silhouette justice!


However if you ever find yourself stuck on how to wear your stripes, don’t feel shy to contact Applique for some one-on-one personalized help. Trust me, we will make you more confident in no time!



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