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How To Wear Culottes For Each Body Type

March 9, 2016
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In a world where women are always on the run, whether it is dashing to work, running last-minute errands or scrambling to pick up the kids, culottes are definitely a more practical and perhaps even more stylish alternative to skirts these days. This highly useful closet staple are the official replacement for the more restricting mini-skirt and are absolutely perfect for those days when you really want to jazz up your signature office style.

It is highly important to note that when it comes to knowing what to do in order to rock a pair of gorgeous culottes, you have to choose a pair that is an all-rounder: Slims your waist, flattens your stomach and falls on/slightly below the knee. In addition, unless you are a Victoria’s Secret model with a long, lean figure, then it is always best to choose a pair stunning heels to go with your culottes.

While this on-trend style of cropped pants can be a little tricky to pull off, as long as you always go for proportions that flatters your body type, you’ll be able to rock it like you own it. Want to know how? Here’s the guide:


For those lucky ladies blessed with a straight and lean body type, it is a good idea to opt for culottes that has lots of pleats, fabric and volume. In addition, try opting for embellishments, prints and patterns as these will all help create the illusion of a waist and curves.


While this might be considered slightly risky for a woman with a triangular body shape, so long as you opt for darker hues, simpler cuts, limited fabric around the hips and a flat waist band, you will surely be able to look like a total street-style sensation. In order to remain balanced, perhaps the next time you go around looking for a pair of culottes, you should opt for one with wider legs (almost bootleg) and match a patterned/printed/bold colored top for that well-balanced look.


The fear of every round gal is her waistline. However don’t fear! Darker shades are naturally slimming and by opting for culottes made out of heavier materials with a flat waistband and long straight lines down the front, not only will you be able to slim your stomach, but you will look a lot taller too.


Women like Kim K really know how to rock a pair of culottes and make it look like this chic cropped trousers were custom made specially for them. Choose culottes that showcase those highly desired feminine curves by opting for a pair that helps to accentuate your enviable cinched-in waist. Don’t be afraid to have a dabble with some interesting materials such as satin, but like all other petite women, if you aren’t extremely tall, try choosing one that doesn’t have too much fabric.

Inverted Triangle

Balance is key. In order to help give the illusion of a proportionate body, try opting for culottes with plenty of pleats, patterns and fabrics that will help accentuate your lower half, which will in turn, help to balance out your upper body. So the main idea is to keep it simple when it comes to tops but go all out down below.



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