March 6, 2016
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It is so hard to determine a person’s style. It is so unique, so different and it is forever evolving. It is highly likely that you don’t just like being girly at times, but you also love sporting a rocker-chic look from time to time and come on, who couldn’t be more in love with a bit of prep in their life? Sure, we love all of them, but what is truly your personal style? Well, here is where we come in to help. Here are the steps that we have helped you nail down in order to truly discover that particular look that speaks volumes to your most fashionable self. So what are you waiting for? Keep on reading!

Find Your Style Icon

There is a high chance that you have more than a single style icon. In fact, maybe you’re a combination. For example, perhaps a cup of Olivia Palermo with a dash of Mary-Kate Olsen and a spoonful of Rihanna. Well, if you want to discover who your main fashion influencers are, why don’t you begin by setting up a Pinterest account and save all the images that you love? This way, you might just be able to see a trend in your style icon collection.

Put A Label On It

Okay, now with your Pinterest board full of your style icons, why don’t you look beyond their faces and instead, focus on the vibe that they are resonating? For example, are they edgy, girly, preppy, boho or modern? Perhaps set up a tally chart and from there, pick out the words that have the most crosses next to it. That handful of words will probably most accurately pin down your style, helping you to further clarify and define your personal fashion mantra.

Choose a Signature Piece

While Jackie O. had her gorgeously oversized sunglasses, pillbox hat and matching suit, Audrey Hepburn had her chic ballet flats, cropped pants and ballerina bun. Trust me, every single style-savvy lady has a signature item or two that really becomes a part of their inner style mantra. So, tell me what item is yours?

The Closet is the Window to the Style Soul

Is you wardrobe leaning towards one particular color? Perhaps you have noticed that you have more maxi dresses than skinny jeans. Or maybe your closet is sporting too many collared shirts to count. Well, have a good scan through your wardrobe and see if there are any items that you have in access. I mean, the real reason why you purchase these items time and time again is because they are what makes you feel the most comfortable and happy. So ultimately, they are your style sweet spots.


Needless to say, if you are still lost amongst the midst of the complicated world of finding your true style mantra, perhaps in order to navigate your way through, the team here at Applique can lend you a helping hand through a perfectly customized personality style test. So don’t feel afraid to reach out to us, as it is our belief that each and every girl has a unique sense of style and they have every right to learn more about it in order to truly give it the justice that it deserves.

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