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Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

February 14, 2016
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Love is in the air, the birds are chirping and the sun in the blue skies above (or at least, the one in your heart) is shining. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, making it a rather tricky fashion business for many. After all, should you embrace this heart shaped day with with some lovely pink, glorious shades of red and maybe a couple of Valentine’s Day inspired heart-shaped accessories to match? Or do you think that you should opt for a more subtle and classic approach by choosing a timeless LWD and stylish heels? Hence, in order to lend a helping hand, we have helped you to discover the best outfits to wear on this cupid little holiday. From having a sassy girls night out to cozying up with your significant other beside the fire place, we have done all the heavy lifting for you.

The Girl’s Night Out – Sparkly and Sexy for the Win

There is absolutely no need to have to search high and low for a date simply because it is Valentine’s. We can bet a hundred bucks that the majority of people out there at the bar on Valentine’s Day are flying solo. Therefore, there isn’t really any good reason for you to be lying around your apartment watching Netflix all by yourself while ordering some cholesterol-high takeout when you could be living it up as a single and go out and have some fun with a group of your closest girl friends! Hit the town with something outstanding like a sparkly sequin dress or maybe a daring midriff and be sure that you celebrate this holiday the right way!


The Simple Date Night – Comfy and Casual all the Way

 If you are lucky enough to be in a blissful relationship, don’t feel like you have to specially dress up in your most expensive designer dress and matching heels in order to be Valentine’s Day worthy! However, just because you are going to simply watch a movie at the cinema or go walking together across the park, it also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to dress to impress. Sure, your favorite leggings, a baggy tee and a warm beanie are all nice choices, but try to style it up with some cute heels and some stylish earrings. Oh, and definitely try to incorporate some pink and red to really embrace the holiday spirit!


The High End Dinner Date – Classing it Up

 On the other hand, if your date is going to be more elaborate and classy, than definitely opt for something more a bit more conservative than your usual Saturday night out outfit – however, obviously, you still want it to have that extra ‘oomph’ factor. Perhaps you should opt for a classic jumper and black skinnies paired with some killer heels for that chic, edgy and highly elegant look. Or maybe wearing a classic LWD matched with some pearl earrings and a gorgeous pair of black flats is more to your taste. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, after all, every good fashionita knows that natural style and grace always comes from within.



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