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All that glitters…..but which color jewelry will suit you best?

January 30, 2016
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Accessories can make your outfit, and perk up your mood instantly! As well as the costume type – there is nothing nicer than precious metals and stones.

There’s an array of choice out there, but did you know that choosing the right color jewelry for YOUR skin tones is as important as choosing the right clothes too?

I recently gave a presentation at the Dubai Jewelry exhibition, and wanted to share my tips with you – helping you buy ‘right’ the first time, and flattering YOU!

The importance of color.

 Ever had a compliment out of the blue on your outfit? It’s no coincidence that what you were wearing that day will definitely be in ‘your’ colors. Even without realizing it – the difference when choosing your ‘best’ tones to wear can make all the difference to how it looks – ‘radiates’ even. Coupled with mood and confidence, these colors make such a difference.

Cool or warm?

 When you know what style, fit and cut of garments suits your specific body shape, it’s time to move onto some ‘color analysis’ – specific to you individually – this is a whole piece on it’s own, so for the interest of choosing jewelry specifically, let’s simplify it a little:

Skin tone is not the same as skin color. We are all either Cool or Warm.

Take a look at the inside of your wrist. Seriously! Stand in a well-lit, natural environment.

As a brief example, if you are warm:

  • Your veins will be ‘greenish’ in color more than blue
  • Your skin will have ‘peachy’ or yellow undertones
  • Typically darker eye colors
  • Tan easily

And if you are cool:

  • Your veins will appear more ‘blue’
  • Your skin will have pink or blue undertones
  • Typically lighter eye color
  • Tendency to burn in the sun.

Once you know ‘your’ colors, you will apply them to every piece you wear that is close to your face, including jewelry. The question now is, is it gold or silver that suits me best?

There are three things to consider when choosing jewelry:

  • Skin tone
  • Hair color
  • Face shape

Your best color will make your face glow and look healthier in general,

You’ve guessed it, Silver suits cooler skin tones, and Gold is for ‘warmer’ faces.

Test yourself!

Hold your Gold or Silver pieces close to your face.

Do you notice any glow on your face with first Silver, and then Gold? Do you notice any changes?

Do you notice any dark circles?

Do your teeth look a little more ‘yellow’ than they are?

If YES, then GOLD is your color.

If you are warm then opt to buy earth tonal gold metals, such as yellow gold, copper and brass to get that luminous look.

If NO then you are a SILVER girl!

Opt to buy silver, platinum, white gold and even rose gold to have a luminous and healthy look.

Of course, you should buy and wear whatever makes you happy and confident. To make the most out of any investment, buy the most versatile pieces that will help you draw attention away from facial features you would prefer not to show off!

Don’t forget – jewelry can enhance and compliment everything about you, from top to toe – consider it carefully and suit yourself! – Make a statement – you CAN shop and wear with confidence!

The trick is to compliment and NOT compete with your outfit. The same piece will look different depending on clothing and hair styles, or the addition of other elements such as make up or nail polish. Match, don’t distract and use the ‘mirror’ test – as simple as it sounds!

Choosing your gem color.

The main element of a statement piece – the gems can transform your look. – Choose carefully to compliment everything we have discussed here – choosing well will help you look more radiate versus tired or washed out.

Hope this was beneficial for you, if you have any questions please leave it in the comments below and I will be answering you the soonest:) 








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